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Hello Everyone, and Thank you for wanting to know more about Dj Sweeet Susie Cloud and CoyoteKaraoke.

Some history

Sweeeet Susie Cloud was born in a little town in California, Martinez. She has been an entertainer from the time she was three years old. Starting with singing and dancing at the Contra Costa county’s Fireman’s ball at age three, to school musicals, all the bands, battles of the bands in the seventy’s, VIP weddings at the Circus Circus, Moose and Elk Lodges, Music in the parks and much much more. Lots of small shows and some large ones, all over the west states and many different venues. Always lovin’ it and having lots of fun. Susie says,”You all can’t help but have a great time cause, I’m sure going to.” That’s always her goal, that your purpose for your party is achieved and a great success. She’s been a sax artist and Blues singer with groups like Pulsar, Syndicate, Hard Blues to name a few and sat in with many different big bands. Her style is unique because she loves and will venture into whatever style the crowd is seemingly longing for, and it just flat works.


Always loving karaoke to keep herself in practice during slower times a new interest was sparked. Why not form her own Karaoke company and help everybody be a star. That’s right! Besides being multi-talented herself, she loves people and can’t wait to help you show off.
She loves God and says he and he alone is her seemingly endless energy and strength supporting her driving force. People need to be loved and learn how to communicate with one another better. Why not communicate with music or song?
Sweeeet Susie Cloud invites you to join her.